Serving SEIU 32BJ Union Members and Their Families

Serving SEIU 32BJ Union Members and Their Families

The 32BJ Health Fund partners with healthcare providers, insurers, and researchers to deliver innovative, high-quality, and affordable health benefits to 200,000+ working people.

At the 32BJ Health Fund, our members are at the center of everything we do—from designing and administering comprehensive health benefits to leading the clarion call for hospital price transparency and for policies that ensure sustained access to quality, affordable, and equitable healthcare services. We are grateful to our colleagues at Patient Rights Advocate for helping us showcase the hard-working people on whose behalf we work hard.

2020 State Hospital and Healthcare Spending

Payment level required from commercial payers (expressed as a percentage of Medicare rates) to allow the hospital to cover maximum hospital expenses, with no profit, for hospital inpatient and outpatient services. Covered hospital expenses include commercial patient hospital operating costs, shortfall or coverage from public health programs, charity care and uninsured patient hospital costs, Medicare disallowed costs, and hospital Other Income and Expense.

We created this video to help employers and other healthcare purchasers determine how much they are paying for healthcare and to show them what they can do right now to reduce their hospital spend. 

Hospital Prices:

the Policy and the Practical

Healthcare spending is growing faster than both the economy and consumer prices. The key driver of healthcare inflation is surging hospital prices. Failure to address skyrocketing hospital prices in New York is not an option with the scale of lives and economies impacted.

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