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The New York Premiere of American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System

April 4, 2023
The 32BJ Labor Industry Cooperation Fund was honored to host the New York Premiere of American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System. SEIU 32BJ Union President Manny Pastreich delivered the opening remarks, followed immediately by the screening of the film. The event concluded with a panel discussion on the policy work that is being done in New York to address the impact of high hospital prices on residents, unions, and employers, without jeopardizing the financial viability of these critical healthcare institutions. Lee Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer and GM, Medical Solutions, for Health Transformation Alliance, moderated the panel discussion, which featured the film’s Executive Producer Richard Master and New York City District Five Councilmember Julie Menin.

2022 Fall Conference

September 22, 2022

Hospital Prices: the Policy and the Practical

Healthcare spending is growing faster than both the economy and consumer prices. The key driver of healthcare inflation is surging hospital prices. Failure to address skyrocketing hospital prices in New York is not an option with the scale of lives and economies impacted. The 32BJ Health Fund, the 32BJ Labor Industry Cooperation Fund, and City & State New York hosted a conference to discuss policy and practical solutions to address rising healthcare costs and hospital prices.

32BJ Health Fund Virtual Forum

March 17, 2022

Healthcare Affordability and High Hospital Prices

The 32BJ Health Fund convened healthcare experts, labor leaders, and elected officials for a timely and critical discussion about the healthcare affordability crisis impacting our participants, caused by alarming hospital price increases.

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