Deshawn Brownel


Security officer at a State of Connecticut office building

Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut

“The 32BJ Health Fund gives my family one thing more than anything else: assurance. Assurance that if one of us gets sick, we can see the doctor. Assurance that we’ll receive high-quality care from a top-rated health clinic. Assurance that if something serious were to happen to one of us, we’d be taken care of.”

Deshawn Brownel knows how valuable good health is. Before he was a 32BJ member, he sometimes struggled to pay for the care he needed to treat his epilepsy, as well as medical care for his wife and children. The security officer and father of four says that has changed since his workplace organized with SEIU 32BJ and he received coverage through the 32BJ Health Fund more than a decade ago.

Deshawn and his family visit a 32BJ Health Fund 5 Star Center in Hartford whenever they need care, and Deshawn can order a 90-day supply of his epilepsy medication at a greatly reduced and affordable price. As he and his wife get older, Deshawn says it’s a big relief to know they can get regular medical checkups and preventive screenings—visits they used to skip—for years to come, thanks to the Health Fund. 

Deshawn likes to joke that when his friends and family tell him he looks young for his age, he just smiles and says it’s because of the 32BJ Health Fund.