Gilda Cheregi


Married to 32BJ member Iuliu Cheregi, a concierge in a residential building on the Upper East Side of Manhattan

Hometown: Queens, New York

“A happy, healthy family is the best outcome for all, and it’s clear that the staff at the 32BJ Health Fund’s Dental Center agree. My husband, daughter, and I feel welcome, knowledgeable, and comfortable when we visit the dentist—and we know our health is a priority.”

Gilda Cheregi, a special education teacher, her husband, Iuliu, and their daughter, Romina, weren’t huge fans of going to the dentist until they began receiving care at the 32BJ Dental Center. For decades, the 32BJ Health Fund has provided high-quality, affordable dental care to thousands of union members and their families.

At the 32BJ Dental Center, members have no out-of-pocket costs. But while Gilda appreciates the enormous cost savings, she says it’s the top-notch, patient-centered care that makes the difference for her family. According to Gilda, adults and kids need supportive, adaptable healthcare providers like those affiliated with the 32BJ Health Fund and its Dental Center, especially during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In April 2020, Romina told her parents she had a severe toothache. Although they were closed to in-person care in the early days of the pandemic, the Dental Center arranged for an emergency appointment with an alternative provider—and covered the full cost of Romina’s care. For the Cheregi family, the 32BJ Dental Center provided crucial support when they needed it most, and they are confident that the high quality and low cost of their healthcare will remain a constant—now and in the future.