Jean Tomasulo


Married to 32BJ member Daniel Tomasulo, an armed security officer at the Department of Sanitation in Lower Manhattan

Hometown: New York, New York

“The 32BJ Health Fund helps us avoid spending all our money on addressing health needs. That freedom affords us the opportunity to do things we actually want to do in our lives, like visit our daughter in Florida or go out for an evening together.”

A few years ago, the Tomasulos realized they could make their health coverage through the 32BJ Health Fund even more affordable by going to preferred 5 Star Center providers, where they pay a $0 copay for office visits compared to $40 to see other in-network doctors.

While the $0 copays were a big draw, the excellent care is what convinced them that the 5 Star Centers were the right choice. Jean takes the lead on the family’s healthcare decisions and says she would never make medical choices based solely on price.

Jean and Daniel are confident that maintaining their health and well-being, with greater financial freedom, is not simply their priority, it’s the priority of their doctors and the 32BJ Health Fund. According to Jean, greater flexibility and better health mean less time worrying and more time spent with her family—and that’s the best outcome of all.